Private Academic and Music Tuition Haywards Heath


We provide academic and music tuition for primary aged pupils in Haywards Heath and across Sussex. Our focus is on creative and inspiring lessons that will bring out the very best in our pupils. In order to be successful learning should be a fun and engaging process and our tutors are able to create the right environment for each pupil.  

Academic Literacy, English and Maths Tuition in Haywards Heath

We can offer tuition in maths, reading, writing and even SATs preparation.

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We Teach in Your Home

Our tutors will come to your home because this is often the most comfortable place for a child and that comfort is very important to their learning. Maths lessons can be challenging as with other forms of Academic and Music tuition. For most children learning in a familiar environment can be a very positive part of learning. If you feel your home is not suitable then get in touch and we can help find another location.

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When teaching 5-7 year old children we work on consolidating many of the areas covered in the early years stages of education. This includes ensuring pupils have a solid grasp of key skills like basic reading, linguistics, counting and number recognition. The best results at this age comes from using games and interactive activities to aid learning, many of these are highly successful new ideas and other are more traditional.

7 to 11 year old pupils need a different approach and we focus very much on creating a stimulating and challenging learning environment that is also enjoyable. This can be achieved in a number of ways and our tutors have many years working with this and other age groups. Often a lesson in a different environment like a garden in the summer can make a big difference to a tough subject. We also focus on ensuring all Key Stage 1 skills are in place and working to improve challenging areas where needed to avoid any issues with falling behind. 

Music Tuition

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Our music lessons are engaging and fun and they are tailor-made to suit your child's needs. Discover & Be music teachers are all highly skilled musicians in their own right as well as being experienced tutors who are passionate about inspiring a love for music in pupils.

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We are currently able to offer one or a combination of the following:

We can also offer music lessons for you and your child…

How We Teach

Our experienced tutors offer a bespoke teaching programme for ever child based on an initial assessment. The tuition the takes place in your home where the child can feel at ease. Using a huge range of rescources Discover & Be can bring a unique and highly effective tuition programme to your home for music as well as academic subjects. 


"Sheila was my tutor leading up to my entrance exams and SATS. I really like Sheila, she explained things slowly and helped me when I didn't understand things. We always had fun in the lesson too. She helped me to understand fractions which I was really stuck on. I would recommend having Sheila as your tutor because she will help you understand and also have fun too!" - Alicia (Year 6 pupil)

Please note: ALL Discover and Be tutors are DBS/CRB checked; this is renewed on an annual basis.

Initial Assessment – what to expect

One our of tutor coordinators will arrange a suitable time to come and meet you and your child to conduct an initial detailed assessment.  They will get to know your child in the comfort of their own home and note down any concerns and /or thoughts and feelings you or your child may have in relation to his or her learning and school life.  We will then allocate the most suitable tutor to work with your child. Rest assured, the assessment is conducted in a relaxed, fun and informal manner so that your child feels comfortable and enjoys the session.

What happens next?

Contact us by phone or via the website to arrange a FREE phone consultation with one of our experienced tutors.  This will enable you to discuss your child’s needs at length before booking tuition sessions with us. Want to know what parents, teachers and pupils think of us? Please click here for our testimonials page.

So if you are looking for private tuition for your child in Haywards Heath then get in touch today and speak to our friendly team about your child. 


We also offer SATS booster sessions at key times in the year. Please contact us for more details.

Additional SATS tuition can be tailored to meet the needs of your child in order to build-up his or her ability and extend knowledge and confidence in Literacy (including Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation), Maths and Exam Technique.

Our booking terms and conditions can be downloaded as a PDF here.

My daughter’s confidence has grown so much, since starting weekly tutoring sessions with Discover and Be, that she has won herself a place in a Children’s Poetry Anthology “Sense Poetry - Amazing Sensations” to be sent to The British Library and other libraries throughout the UK and Ireland. Helped by Sheila’s wealth of experience, gentle approach and dynamic teaching my daughter was encouraged to explore poetry through the senses and has created a wonderful poem to grace the shelves of readers for years to come. Thank you Discover and Be! We are extremely proud!
— Joanna Powl Banks