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Discover and Be is an educational service, focusing on a creative, child-centred approach to teaching and learning.

We are looking for newly qualified and experienced teachers to join our successful and growing team of academic and music tutors, based in and around Sussex.

We specialise in bespoke, one-to-one private tuition for primary school children, from the early years through to Key Stage 2; we also offer Key Stage 3 tuition. Our pupils come from both state and private schools. We also offer tuition to children who are home schooled.

Flexible Working Hours

Tutoring with Discover and Be, you can take charge of your own work schedule and enjoy all the fantastic benefits that private tutoring offers. Work with us to create your own timetable allowing a more flexible approach to your working week.

Teaching Support and Mentoring

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Our experienced and highly skilled tutoring coordinators offer new tutors mentoring and guidance in one-to-one tutoring if required, as well as age-appropriate learning resource ideas, so that you can approach your tutoring sessions with confidence and creative teaching ideas in abundance!

Stress Free Teaching

By teaching with Discover & Be you can remove yourself from many of the stresses of modern teaching. We all know how hard teaching has become in terms of admin, budgeting and targets. But we also know that at its heart, teaching is a vocation and we are very proud to be able to offer teachers the chance to work in a totally different way. Enjoy the wonders of imparting wisdom, making those major breakthroughs and preparing children for the road ahead. One-to-one teaching allows a very child-centred, more free-flow approach to teaching.

Be Inspiring and Creative

Working in a truly creative and personal teaching environment will enable you as a teacher to inspire and help your pupils grow. Rather than being constrained by growing class sizes and other factors, you can make every second of a lesson count on a personal level both for the pupil and for yourself. 

Discover and Be are quickly forging a reputation for being one of the leading private tuition services in Sussex. We pride ourselves on offering quality one-to-one tuition with an emphasis on making learning FUN and meaningful. 

With Discover and Be, you can enjoy:

• flexible hours based on your availability
• minimal paper work
• a stress free environment
• the freedom to teach creatively
• nurturing and challenging individual pupils as they flourish within their learning and gain more confidence in their abilities.

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