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Maths Lessons (Key Stage 1, 2 and 3)

Discover and Be provide private maths tutors for children right across East and West Sussex including Haywards Heath, Lewes, Brighton, Crawley and other towns. We are able to teach children from 4 years upwards. We cover Maths tuition from the Early Years Foundation Stage to Key Stage 3.

Free Consultation with a Maths Tutor

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We offer a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION with one of our experienced Maths tutors to enable you to discuss your child’s needs at length before committing to booking tuition sessions with us. Click here to book your consultation or email us at 

Confidence with Maths

In our BESPOKE maths tutor sessions, we develop skills, confidence and independence in the subject, through the use of games, creative learning and fun resources. We love to utilise different spaces and enjoy outside maths lessons too!  Whether it’s numerical problem solving in a sweet shop or learning times tables through song, we aim to make our Maths lessons as fun and stimulating as possible for our students whilst achieving fantastic results. Click here to read what our parents and pupils say about us and our maths tutors and lessons.

Maths Game

Some of the major sections of the Maths curriculum we cover are shapes, place value, measurement and calculations as well as space.

Private Tuition Tailored for Your Child

The Maths tuition we provide is personalised specifically for your child’s needs.  This means we can focus on any areas that need work or take a broader approach and cover the full range of topics. For many children our tuition simply gives them the range of tools they need to approach Maths with more confidence in the classroom. Whatever your child’s needs when it comes to Maths tuition the Discover and Be team is able to work with them and you as a parent to provide the very best support and education for them.

Year 6 SATS  tuition can be tailored to meet the needs of your child in order to build-up his or her ability and extend their knowledge and confidence in Maths and Exam Technique.


We cover a wide area of Sussex and teach in your home or an agreed location that is suitable. Wherever you are located please get in touch to discuss your child’s maths needs.

Maths Tutor in Crawley

If you live in Crawley you can have a maths tutor come to your home and teach your child. The home environment is often very conducive to learning as the child feels comfortable. Crawley is one of the largest towns in the area with a number of different schools. Whatever your child’s level in maths we can help build on their existing learning and progress them further with the subject.

Maths Tutor in Haywards Heath

We teach a number of pupils in Haywards Heath and the surrounding area from schools including Warden Park. If you are looking for a maths tutor in Haywards Heath please do get in touch and book an initial consultation. Our teachers work with your child’s schooling to support and build on what they are learning at their local school be it public and comprehensive, we also support home schooling and are happy to work alongside home school teaching methods.

Maths Tuition for 5 to 7 Year Olds

We carefully consolidate mathematical skills learnt in the Early Years to then build on these as the child grows up.

Our maths teachers make sure our pupils have a solid grasp of counting, number recognition, operations such as adding, taking away and more complex mathematical language used in basic problem solving (greater than, less than, measuring etc) 

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We then teach and reinforce basic mathematical concepts through play, games and interactive activities, including every day objects and specialist maths resources such as Numicon.  Our maths tutors have spent a number of years collecting and creating a large range of colourful and stimulating resources specifically for our young learners. These include Numicon, bean bag games, giant purses and coin, numerous games, dice, songs, raps, action songs, online computer games and much more. 

Tutoring children one-to-one at a young age allows the maths tutor to explore how the individual child learns best in way that is both fun and engaging.  We can adapt our teaching approaches to suit the pupil's needs and interests. This is a good time in the child's learning journey to identify any particular mathematical concepts that he or she finds challenging.  We can help to iron out any difficulties and, at the same time, identify areas of strength and extend learning.


Maths Tuition for 7 to 11 Year Olds

One-to-one lessons for this age group are designed to be stimulating, challenging and enjoyable for the learner. We like to shake the lessons up a little from time to time by teaching in different environments; we have been known to take our pupils on a little road trip (with parental consent of course. See image)!  Our tutors use a range of games, activities and resources both indoors and outdoors to engage young developing minds.  Resources include, Maths Rocks (singing timetables), raps, safe online games, home-made games, published resources for SATS prep, Numicon, bean bags and balls, worksheets (where appropriate) multilink, 3D fraction walls, money, video clips and much more.

Sisters Emily and Lucy on a maths adventure.

Sisters Emily and Lucy on a maths adventure.

Our tutors love to find out what inspires and interests the pupil and we plan our lessons from there! We build on pupils' existing knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts learnt in Key Stage 1.  Our experienced tutors will identify any areas of learning that need support and can challenge those children who need stretching.

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Maths game 2

“Sheila was my tutor leading up to my entrance exams and SATs. I really like Sheila, she explained things slowly and helped me when I didn’t understand things. We always had fun in the lesson too. She helped me to understand fractions which I was really stuck on. I would recommend having Sheila as your tutor because she will help you understand and also have fun too!”

— Alicia, Year 6

So if you are looking for private maths lessons in East Sussex or in West Sussex then please get in touch to discuss your child's needs; our friendly team are here to help. 


Does my child need maths tutoring?

Tutoring really is for everyone. Our lessons are individually designed for each child. We cater for pupils who need to be challenged and we cater for those that require support in a specific area of the curriculum or globally, but above all we work with your child to build their confidence and make learning meaningful and enjoyable for them.

How long is each session?

Each maths session is an hour long.

Is the maths tutor a qualified teacher?

Yes.  All our academic tutors are qualified and experienced teachers with full knowledge of the curriculum. 

Are the hours flexible? 

In term time maths lessons take place with the same tutor at the same time each week at an agreed time convenient to you. During holidays periods lesson times are flexible.

How does the tutor know what my child needs?

Firstly we provide an initially phone consolation to discuss what you are looking for and what you feel your child needs. Then we carry out an initial consultation in your home with your child. We use games and conversation to allow the child to relax and share their thoughts about their education and maths specifically. Once they feel comfortable we use a reading test to give us a base line to begin from. We also give the child a chance to share what they feel they would like help with. This is a powerful tool for us to help them. The results of the reading test, any observations and our recommendations are all fed back to you, the parent, verbally as part of the 90min consultation. 

My child has exams coming up. Can you help? 

Yes. We cover the work required for the Year 6 SATs, the 11+ / pre tests (including non verbal reasoning), Year 8 Common Entrance, GCSEs and A Levels. 

My child is struggling with confidence in Maths, what can I do? 

One to one tuition is a great way to help build your child’s confidence. Private tuition provides a safe space and opportunity for pupils to ask as many questions as they like and discuss their mathematics learning openly. We feel that having the confidence to try new things and to not be afraid to make and learn from mistakes is the key to successful education. 

When do lessons take place? 

Lessons mostly take place after school hours during the week and at weekends. However we also offer home schooling sessions during the day. 

Where do lessons take place? 

Lessons take place in the comfort of the pupil’s own home. This may be inside in an open space, at a table or in the garden. Some tutors also offer tuition from their homes. 

Will my child enjoy the lessons? 

Yes. We aim for our lessons to be fun, creative and engaging. We use a variety of games, technology and resources to keep lessons upbeat, meaningful and interesting.

What are the benefits of 1 to 1 maths tuition? 

1 to 1 support from an experienced and knowledgeable tutor can make a huge difference to a pupil’s confidence and enthusiasm for learning. Tutors can help pupils excel in their favourite subjects; tutors can also provide invaluable support to those pupils who find various subjects challenging. Our bespoke approach encourages all pupils to reach their potential in a nurturing and enjoyable way. 

Recommended resources

Sheila and her team like to use Numicon kits and particularly recommend the following two, should you wish to buy one for yourself: