Singing Lessons - East and West Sussex 

We offer fun, private singing lessons across East Sussex and West Sussex. Our singing and vocal tuition is tailored to meet the needs and requirements of your child, whatever his or her age and ability.  

We also offer song writing and vocal coaching for children looking to specialise or improve in certain areas. This can be done as part of wider singing lessons or as specific sessions. 

All Discover and Be tutors are DBS/CRB checked; this is renewed on an annual basis.


Singing can, not only be fun, it can also help with confidence and speech in many areas of a child's development. While vocal and singing lessons are certainly important to those wishing to pursue acting or performing they can also help in other ways. Some research suggests singing can help with posture, breathing and it is also a great way to reduce stress which is more and more common in school aged children. If you are looking for singing lessons in West Sussex or across East Sussex then get in touch today.

Singing Lessons

 In our singing lessons, pupils will experience and develop knowledge in the following:

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  • How the voice works

  • How to support the voice through breathing techniques and fun warm-up exercises

  • Basic Music Theory

  • Basic Music Sight-reading/Notation

  • Aural Training (how to improve listening skills)

  • Song-writing and improvisation (optional)

  • Confidence building: how to sing with confidence

  • Vocal Performance technique and stage presence

If you are looking for singing lessons, vocal coaching or song writing lessons for your child then get in touch today using the form on this page. We are able to teach right across East and West Sussex.

Vocal Coaching

Our tutors have a wealth of experience working in and managing bands and coaching budding artists as well as singing professionally.  If your child is in a band and /or is working towards a performance and would benefit from some vocal coaching, please get in touch! 

Song Writing Lessons, Composition and Improvisation

A number of our tutors enjoy teaching song writing as part of their lessons. If you child is a budding songwriter and would like to learn how to write a song or create lyrics for existing music get in touch!

What age can my child start taking singing lessons?

We recommend a starting age of 7 years old for singing lessons. This is because the voice takes time to develop and it will change a lot in the early years. If you would like to discuss your child’s voice specifically then please do get in touch. We also work with boys who sing and whose voice has broken and teaching them how to cope with the changes.

How do the Singing lessons work?

The first lesson is always a time for both teacher and pupil to get to know each other. This is really important; the teacher can then choose the most appropriate songs, music books and materials for your child.  Our tutors tend to use a lot of backing tracks in singing lessons as this allows pupils to practise the chosen songs at home. Tutors also like to have access to a piano or keyboard if possible.

How do I know which music books to buy?

With such a huge range of music material out there our tutors call upon years of experience to select the right ones for your child. New material and music books will be given to you in lessons.  Tutors will then confirm the purchase of books with parents. This cost will then be raised on the next invoice. 

How will I know how my child’s singing or songwriting lessons are progressing?

We love to hear from you! Our teachers are always happy to get e mail contact from parents with regards to their child's' progress. We are also very happy to receive questions about the lessons via e mail. We feel that taking time to answer and discuss any concerns or queries parents may have creates a more positive learning environment.  Tutors also use the practice diaries to provide feedback and practice points for parents as well as verbal feedback for those pupils who have lessons at home.  Parents are encouraged to comment on home practice in the practice diary on a regular basis.


We work right across most of Sussex and teach in your home or an agreed location as well as schools. If you are looking for singing lessons for children, teens and older then please get in touch.

Singing Lessons Crawley

Crawley is one of the larger towns in the area and we are very happy to come to your home to provide singing lessons for kids aged 5 and up. Regardless of the level at which they are singing we can build on what they know and improve their voice. It may be useful for performing arts or for specifically for a budding music career, singing lessons can also help with public speaking and confidence too.

Singing Lessons Haywards Heath

If you are looking for singing lessons in Haywards Heath or the surrounding area then please get in touch. We have a number of vocal teachers in the area and can come to your home. Our singing lessons are fun, positive and engaging and being taught in the home allows pupils to really relax as singing can be a little embarrassing for some children. We work with them to build their confidence and improve their voices!

Singing Lesson Payment and Fees

  Music lessons run in term-time only and fees are payable half-termly in advance. 

  • 30 minutes (standard lesson length for primary aged children)

  • 45 minutes (optional for more advanced pupils)

  • 1 hour (standard lesson length for secondary aged children and adults)

*Please contact us regarding lesson fees. 



Reach for the stars! 

Find your voice and sing the songs you love in a relaxed and fun environment! Book your singing lessons with one of our experience and fun singing tutors!

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Vocal Coaching

Rhiannon has a wealth of experience working in and managing bands and coaching budding artists.  If your child is in a band and /or is working towards a performance and would benefit from some vocal coaching, please get in touch!

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Song writing lessons, Composition and improvisation

An experienced songwriter and performer, Rhiannon loves to incorporate composing and improvising into her instrumental lessons.  If you child is a budding songwriter and would like to learn how to write a song or put music to poetry, please get in touch!