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DJing is now widely considered a true musical skill and we are very pleased to be able to offer DJ lessons for children aged 6 and above, across East and West Sussex. Our experienced, DBS checked DJ teacher has not only taught hundreds of children how to mix and create their own DJ sets, he is also an experienced live DJ himself. With dance music continuing to grow in popularity, we feel that DJ lessons are a great option for kids who may not feel they want to learn a more traditional musical instrument but who love music and want to be able to be involved and be creative.

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Why Are DJ Lessons Good For Children?

While learning the flute or any other traditional musical instrument can build confidence, help coordination and much more, DJ Lessons add another facet to all normal skills by bringing in a level of technology that can be very beneficial and works well alongside other IT education. The performance aspect of DJing also means that children can quickly reach a level where they can play songs at parties or events, which can be very important for self confidence and social growth. At the same time, DJing uses traditional music skills, focuses a great deal on understanding tempo and allows for a great deal of creativity, especially when using the software they learn about during the lessons.

DJing has recently been added to the GSCE syllabus and can be taken as part of the full music GSCE exam.

What Do DJ Lessons Consist Of?

Vinyl Records

DJ courses start with each student learning how to recognise the rhythm in a 4 bar house music beat; they do this by "scratching" a record on industry standard Technics 1210 turntables to a backing beat. They then learn about the phrases of a tune and learn to release the record at the right tempo at the beginning of the correct bar, resulting in two tunes being played simultaneously. This mix creates a new tune which combines the student DJ's favourite parts of two tracks.

CDJ Decks


The next step is to teach the students how to mix the two tunes together using the EQ settings and "cross fader" on the mixer, making sure the volume and bass are at the right levels. At this stage we introduce the students to CDJ Decks (a CD version of the vinyl record turntable) which is easier than using the turntables but uses the same principals they have already learnt. This process typically takes 2 or 3 sessions.

Digital DJing

Once they have learnt these principles on the turntables and the CDJ's, we then introduce them to digital DJing.

Digital DJing is simple: 95% of children who have had a lesson or two can easily understand within seconds how it works. Using the software Traktor (Native Instruments) the computer automatically beat matches the two tunes, places a cue point at the beginning of the tune and allows the DJ to concentrate on choosing the right music and mixing it in the right place. The student can also add sound effects and even loop and repeat certain parts of the track. This is where creativity can really start to be explored.

Creating a DJ Set

Once a student has learnt the principles above they can start to build their own "DJ Set", curating their own musical style and identity. There are various cheap digital DJ apps available (£5-£10) on iPhones/iPads/Android Pads and phones, which will allow the students to use the skills they have learnt outside class and perfect their skills and DJ Set which the tutor will help them develop during the course.

What Are The Learning Outcomes?


Learning to DJ is a great skill for kids and adults to learn. It is a very sociable form of creating music, where a number of children can share one set of decks and take turns playing short sets. It promotes confidence and communication and it is very good for understanding and exercising control; it is also all about timing, and getting the moment just right. Rushing a mix will not work, so children must learn to control themselves and wait for the right moment. It helps build a deep understanding of music and can work very well alongside learning other instruments. DJ Lessons also promote technology use, and much of what pupils learn is transferable.

One to One DJ Lessons or Group DJing Lessons

We are able to offer one to one DJ tuition in your home, which allows your child to work at their own pace; our tutor will create lessons based around the child’s skill set and progress.

We can also offer group sessions at a set location, which can be great for small groups of children who all want to learn. This can be a very collaborative way of learning and often encourages children to practice more with friends between lessons.

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