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We are delighted to be offering one-to-one and small group guitar lessons throughout Sussex to suit all levels and abilities.  Our talented and passionate guitar tutors are able to offer guitar lessons to kids of all ages. We have guitar teachers who cover Brighton & Hove, Haywards Heath, Cuckfield, Lewes, and right across the county. 

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We offer the following in our guitar and ukulele lessons:

  • Playing guitar for fun

  • Guitar and ukulele for beginners

  • Advanced guitar techniques and concepts

  • Music theory and advanced 'top up' music theory.

  • Various guitar styles from Classical to 80’s Rock

  • Variation of technique and style e.g. slide guitar, finger style arrangements

  • Sight-reading and TAB

  • Grade exams (Rock School & Trinity Rock and Pop)

  • GCSE and A Level performance preparation

Our guitar lessons in Haywards Heath and our other locations are not only fun but very successful in getting children and parents playing and enjoying the guitar. Our lessons include theory, music reading and playing as well as specific techniques. We can cater for all levels of guitar playing from complete beginners to more experienced players looking for more advanced guitar lessons in and around Sussex.

Guitar Lessons in Haywards Heath

Haywards Heath is one of the biggest towns in our area and it is one of our busiest areas for guitar lessons and our guitar teachers. As with all locations our teachers can come to your home and teach in the environment that is comfortable for your child. If you are looking for a guitar teacher in Haywards Heath then get in touch and find out about the slots we have left.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know when my child is old enough to learn guitar?

We recommend teaching children guitar from 7 years upwards.  Individual lessons will be tailored to suit each individual child. We welcome beginners to advanced players.  Whether you would like help writing songs, strumming chords or playing classical guitar, we can cater for all needs. 

Ukulele lessons Brighton & Hove, Haywards Heath and Cuckfield

If it’s ukulele your child is interested in, we can cater for that too!  If your child prefers learning with other children, we are offering group ukulele and guitar lessons in Brighton & Hove, Haywards Heath, Cuckfield, Lewes and across the area.  If you would like to have a chat about how ready your child is to learn, please get in touch.

Pair and group guitar lessons


Learning as a group can be lots of fun! Group lessons will take into account everybody’s interests and abilities.  We recommend small groups of four children maximum so that your child can get the best out of the 30 minutes contact time.

How do I know which music books and guitar to buy?

Our guitar teachers are on hand to answer any questions regarding suitable guitars once you have booked with us. They will recommend suitable books and resources when your child starts his / her lessons. 

How do the lessons work?

The first lesson is very much about the teacher getting to know the pupil and understanding what level they are at and what kind of lesson will suit them best. The teacher will then choose the best learning materials for each child and the lesson format going forward. The focus is always on enjoyment - all Discover & Be music and academic lessons are about learning in a fun, positive and constructive environment. 


How long are guitar lessons and how much do they cost?

Guitar lessons run in term-time only and fees are payable half-termly in advance. If you are interested in music lessons during the holiday, we offer 'flexi lessons'.  Please contact us to find out more about this. 

  • 30 minutes (standard lesson length for primary aged children)

  • 45 minutes (optional for more advanced pupils)

  • 1 hour (standard lesson length for secondary aged children and adults)

*Please contact us regarding lesson fees. 

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