Discover and Be is an exciting and innovative educational service providing bespoke, private home tuition for Primary and Secondary pupils and beyond.


Our private academic tuition is designed to develop skills and confidence in reading, writing and maths through the use of games, creative learning and fun resources. 

We offer free academic tuition consultations to ascertain exactly what each child needs so we can tailor the tuition specifically to them. Our tutors then use this information to create a tailored tuition structure.

We also run highly popular SATs booster sessions for Year 6 children which help them prepare and work on any difficult areas for the SATs Test.

Founded by two experienced and passionate teachers, Discover and Be offers a wide range of academic and musical tuition for children in early years and right up to secondary age.

Our goal is to deliver hands on, creative learning experiences for all our pupils. Each child has different learning needs and we tailor all our work to the individual to get the best results be it early years numeracy, SATs revision or boosting maths skills before moving to secondary school and beyond.

If you think you would like to become a tutor then click here.

Our music tuition is tailor-made to suit your child’s needs and are, above all, fun! We offer singing lessons, Piano, Recorder, Flute, Drum lessons and more. 

We are able to offer music tuition to a wide range of age groups and the lessons are designed around your child and their age to make sure they learn and enjoy the lessons. 

We even offer parent and child lessons where you can learn along with your child. This can be a great way to share an experience and support their learning process. 


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