My recording studio experience by Ellie, Discover & Be music pupil

By Ellie

The time I spent at Cobham Studios was an experience I will never forget.  The whole day was a blast and made me see the professional way music is produced and how exciting it is to create it.  Supported by Rhiannon and Neil, I learned so many new techniques, like double tracking and microphone sensitivity. That knowledge has helped improve my home and school recordings and made them sound more professional and clean.


Even though my trip to the studio was only a couple of months ago, it has inspired me to create as much as possible and to be open to discovering more. I have worked on three new originals, two to hopefully record with my school’s wonderful equipment, and I would love another day at the studio as a birthday present. I would love to go back!

I am so grateful for the opportunity the day gave me. I recently uploaded the track I recorded to Spotify, Soundcloud and Amazon Music. On Spotify it has had 3,750 plays and I have gained 2,232 listeners this month.  Thank you Rhiannon, Neil and Cobham Studios for letting me create my first single!

You can listen to the track that Ellie recorded below.

Ellie, aged 12, currently has music lessons with Discover & Be. To find out more about songwriting, voice lessons, the various instruments we teach as well as DJ skills, take a look at the music tuition section of the website.