Nessy for Spelling and Typing

If you haven't heard of Nessy it is well worth a look. This great range of programmes offer help for those who find spelling and literacy a challenge but also help children learn to type as well. 

Goal Orientated

One of the big plus points about Nessy is that to move onto the next level or target you have to have spelled correctly in the level before. This kind of "gamification" is really positive for many children. They probably already spend time playing video games so this sort of process is very normal and can often even be comforting and supportive. 

Reading and Spelling

For those who struggle with reading and spelling it can feel like a bit of a maze. It can also feel like a maze where they do not know the rules which makes it even harder. These rules can be around understanding what is being said and that makes being able to replicate and interpret instructions impossible. Often a different way of learning is needed and Nessy is able to offer these alternatives and in a fun way!

The system starts with the phonics needed for a certain work and then follows right through to the spelling patterns and understanding the vocab itself. 

Nessy Fingers

Learning to type is certainly important for all children but for those who find spelling and writing hard going typing can be the only way through the issue. It is also a great way to improve fine motor skills which may be part of the issue in the first place. Nessy Fingers allows children to work through activities which help them learn the basics of touch typing by asking them to type to complete levels in a game.

How to Get Nessy

Simply head to and down load the programme you want to try. We have found it highly useful.