Looking for a fun way to learn number bonds?

Is your child learning their number bonds to 10?

Number bonds are the two numbers that when added together equal ten. So for example, for 10 you could have 3+7 or 4+6. 

Want to help them learn the bonds, but in a more inspiring way than copying them out into a notepad? Try this fun idea: not only will you enjoy making it but you'll have a handy poster for a bedroom wall once finished!

You'll need:

  • A pencil
  • Some paper (one piece for a poster, some for drawing round hands and some for making different shapes - or you could use shaped post-it notes for this part)
  • Scissors
  • Some counters in different colours (or any other object like buttons, bottle lids, etc). You could use Numicon which we love to use. Find out more about it here.
  • Things to decorate the hands with, perhaps paint, crayons, pencils, sequins, feathers, glitter, etc
  1. Draw round your child's hands and cut them out
  2. Cut out some different shaped pieces for paper, big enough to write a few numbers on
  3. Build number bonds (pairs) with counters, for example 4 red and 6 green
  4. Help your child to write this number sentence (4+6=10) on one of the different shapes
  5. Repeat for all number sentences. For the number 10, these are as below but, of course, you can go for bigger numbers as and when your child is comfortable with it.
    0+10 | 1+9 | 2+8 | 3+7 | 4+6 | 5+5 | 6+4 | 7+3 | 8+2 | 9+1 | 10+0
  6. Decorate the paper hands and stick them to the poster (leave the fingers unstuck so they can be folded down).
  7. Stick the number sentences on the different shapes to the poster.
  8. You're done! To use the poster most effectively, fold down the fingers on the cut out hands to make a number bond to 10. For example, 4 fingers are folded down and 6 fingers are still up - 4+6=10.

Have fun and please do send us a picture of your poster or post it on our Facebook page