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Discover and Be is an educational service based in East Sussex. We teach with a focus on creativity and child-centred learning.

We Need You!

We have a wonderful team of academic tutors but due to a fast growing pupil list we are looking for experienced or newly qualified teachers to join us. 

  • Do you love teaching?
  • Are you looking for a new challenge?
  • Do you enjoy one-to-one tuition?
  • Are you creative, passionate and do you enjoy bringing fun to teaching?

If the answer is yes to any or all of the above then please fill out the form on this page or e mail to discuss how you could become one of our tutors. 

What We Do

As a tuition provider we are quickly gaining a reputation as one of the best in the South East.  We are independent and we are not an agency. We love teaching and believe it is a passion and a vocation as well as a job. We are looking for teachers from a range of backgrounds who share this view and who are looking for a new challenge. 

We teach primary aged children from early years right through to Key Stage 2 and we also offer Key Stage 3 tuition. We specialise in one-to-one tuition with a focus on fun, creativity and a positive teaching process. We teach pupils from state and public schools as well as home schooled pupils.  


What We Can Offer

  • flexible hours based on your availability
  • Minimal Paper Work
  • A Stress Free Environment
  • The Freedom to Teach Creatively
  • Nurturing and Challenging Individual Pupils as they Flourish within their Learning and Gain more Confidence in their Abilities


Discover and Be  - Academic Tuition

We provide a creative environment for pupils to learn subjects like literacy and numeracy. Each tuition programme is totally bespoke to the pupil so we can work with, and support, the child with aspects of learning they find more challenging as well as build on their strengths. We are able to extend a child's learning and existing successful areas with fantastic results.  Every child is different and to get the best results a tailored approach is the best method. 

In some cases we use a game-based approach to lessons, certainly with younger children, but as they grow we can then move towards more focused learning. The lessons grow with the pupils and our tutors find this a very rewarding way to teach. This method yields great results, happy parents and very happy pupils. 


Our tutoring sessions include work with reading, writing and maths. We are able to support a child's scholastic learning by working on numeracy and literacy alongside their day to day lessons. This allows us to compliment their core work and help them improve on any areas they find hard. 

We also offer SATS booster sessions and can help with scholarship and entrance exams. Our teachers cover a wide range of primary subjects and lessons types.  


Whether you are a newly qualified teacher or you are an experienced teacher looking for a change of career we would love to hear from you. Private tuition with Discover and Be is enormously rewarding, flexible and perfect for teachers who enjoy a one-to-one approach and one that encourages creativity, fun and passion. 

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