Flute and Recorder Lessons

Whether your child aspires to perform in an orchestra or would like to learn how to play Ariana Grande songs on the flute, we can help!  We offer BESPOKE lessons, tailored to meet the needs and requirements of your child, whatever his or her age and ability. 

Our flute and recorder teachers are able to train and prepare pupils who wish to embark on ABRSM graded exams

We are also happy to take on pupils who prefer a less formal approach to learning the flute as well as the basic elements of music   All Discover and Be tutors are DBS/CRB checked; this is renewed on an annual basis.



The recorder is a great first instrument, as it allows children instant access to playing simple, familiar tunes. We offer recorder lessons for complete beginners to intermediate. In our recorder lessons, we explore the basic elements of music:

  • Pitch
  • Rhythm
  • Dynamics
  • Duration
  • Tempo
  • Timbre


Flute lessons are tailored to meet the needs and requirements of your child, from beginners to advanced players. We offer any or all of the following in flute lessons:

  • Composition and improvisation
  • Technique
  • Music Theory
  • Sight-reading and Notation
  • Aural Training
  • Music History
  • Listening
  • Preparation for Performances and ABRSM Exams
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How do the lessons work?

During the first lesson, tutor and pupil spend time getting to know one another.  The tutor will decide on the most appropriate material and music books for your child.

How do I know which music books to buy?

Our tutors possess an excellent knowledge of the most appropriate publications and books, required for each individual child.  Any new material and music books will be supplied to you in lessons.  Tutors will confirm purchase of books with parents, the cost of which will be included in the next invoice. 

How will I know how my child’s music lessons are progressing?

 Our tutors conduct an open door policy as far as emailing is concerned.  If you have any questions regarding tuition and/or your child’s learning, please do not hesitate to email your tutor.  Tutors will also provide feedback in the practice diaries and practice points for parents as well as verbal feedback for those pupils who have lessons at home.  Parents are encouraged to comment on home practice in the practice diary on a regular basis.

Don’t have a flute? 

Don’t worry! We can recommend the best places to hire instruments.  Some parents prefer to do this initially until they are sure that their child is ready to commit fully to the instrument. At this point, we can offer help in choosing your first flute.

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If you are looking for a flute or recorder teacher then get in touch today. Our qualified and friendly tutors will not only provide a very high standard learning environment but also a happy one. Music should be fun, especially when it comes to teaching children.