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Tina Jewell, Academic Tutor

Tina has been teaching for many years, having qualified as a secondary teacher but equally comfortable with teaching primary school children.

She enjoys teaching humanities and her love of social sciences led to taking a degree in Sociology and a PGCE in RE at secondary level. Her PGCE in Religious Studies provided her with the range of interpersonal skills fundamental to teaching young people. Tina’s commitment to social sciences has inspired her to study further, taking an MA in History with the Open University. She has also taught Geography and History. This has provided Tina with a range of academic skills which enables her to give students a greater understanding of society in our diverse and changing world.

Tina has learnt during teaching that the teacher needs to be resilient, particularly when working with students who do not wish to engage and find school difficult. This is where she embraces the challenges of inspiring students who learn in a number of different ways. Where possible, lessons plans are to be differentiated and tailored to every child’s needs and home schooling provides this opportunity as not all children have had the same social or academic experiences.

Presently, as well as teaching children who are home schooled, Tina is a supply teacher. This gives her the pleasure of teaching in a variety of schools teaching young people with a range of abilities and personalities. Doing this has enabled Tina to develop stronger management, organisational skills and form quicker interpersonal relationships. Outside studying for her MA and teaching, Tina enjoys the theatre, reading and cooking. She is mum to 23 year old twins who, having attended university, are now back at home resulting in a full and fulfilling life!

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