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We offer fun, bespoke piano and keyboard tuition, tailored to meet the needs and requirements of each individual pupil. We are able to teach children from across East Sussex and West Sussex.

All Discover and Be tutors are able to train and prepare pupils who wish to embark on ABRSM graded practical and theory exams.  We are also happy to take on pupils who prefer a less formal approach to learning the piano and keyboard and the basic elements of music.  It is essential that all pupils have access to a piano and/or keyboard before embarking on music lessons with us so please get in touch if you are unsure if your keyboard is suitable. 

Please note: ALL Discover and Be tutors are DBS/CRB checked; this is renewed on an annual basis.


Piano and Keyboard lessons - what to expect

Piano and keyboard lessons are tailored to meet the needs and requirements of your child, from beginners to intermediate players. The piano and the keyboard are hugely flexible instruments and allow children to play almost any type of music from classical to rock pop and dance. Being able to jump onto a piano and play is a life skill that will never fall out of favor. 

We offer any or all of the following in piano and keyboard lessons:

  •  Composition and improvisation
  •  Technique
  •  Music Theory
  •  Sight-reading/Notation
  •  Aural Training Music History
  •  Listening
  •  Preparations for Performances and ABRSM Exams
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Music Theory for Piano and Keyboard

It is essential to build a basic knowledge of music theory to really be able to understand the elements of music and how the piano and keyboard can be used. 

Music theory may seem challenging but with some creativity it can be fun and makes up an important part of music lessons. We suggest all our younger pupils use the recommended music theory book series, ‘Music Theory for Very Young Children’. These interactive and fun books are designed specifically for young children.  Wipe boards, coloured pens, stickers, magnetic notes, animals, games are among some of the props and resources we use to inspire and engage our pupils as well and keep them entertained!

Frequently asked questions

How do I know when my child is old enough to learn an instrument?

Children can learn from any age but we teach from 4 years old. The type of lesson will depend on age and how long the child is able to concentrate. Our teachers will create fun and game based lessons for younger children so your child can begin learning how to play outside of the traditional formal setting. This way they develop and love for lessons and find learning easier. Lessons are also shorter for younger children due to the limited attention spans. The lessons length and format changes as children get older and they are able to concentrate for longer periods. NO matter what the child's age we always recommend lots of time in between lessons spent exploring and playing with their instrument. 

How do the lessons work?

The first lesson is very much a "getting to know" exercise for the child and tutor. In this lessons the tutor will assess the level of the child and start putting a plan together. As the lessons progress the type and feel of the lesson is very much dependant on the child and how the work best. 

How do I know which music books to buy?

Our music Piano teacher will recommend the right music books to buy. They have many years of experience in selecting the right books for the right children and the right type of lesson. 

How will I know how my child’s music lessons are progressing?

Our teachers welcome contact from parents or carers in regards to the progress of the child. We feel it is important parents can feel at ease commenting and asking about how things are going. The teachers will also communicate any progress or issues through the practice diary system or by contacting the parent directly. 

If you are looking for a piano or keyboard teacher in East Sussex or in West Sussex then get in touch today using the form above. Our friendly team will respond within 48 hours and will happily guide you through the process. 


Piano and Keyboard Tuition Payment and Fees

  Music lessons run in term-time only and fees are payable half-termly in advance. 

  • 20 minutes (optional for 5 years and under)
  • 30 minutes (standard lesson length for primary aged children)
  • 45 minutes (optional for more advanced pupils)
  • 1 hour (standard lesson length for secondary aged children and adults)

*Please contact us regarding lesson fees.