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Jason Still, Academic Tutor

Jason has more than twenty years of experience in primary education and has taught in a range of schools across the country.

In the mid-nineties he achieved a BA (Ed) Degree with Honours from Canterbury Christ Church College, with a specialism in mathematics. He has since spent his career exploring ways to embed and develop the subject creatively within the whole primary curriculum, demonstrating lessons as a Lead Teacher and receiving the highest grades in Ofsted inspections. As a Deputy Headteacher, Jason has worked closely with local universities, mentoring student teachers as they travel their own journey towards inspiring the next generation of learners.

Jason loves teaching now as much as when he stood in front of his first class two decades ago. He believes that tapping into children’s natural curiosity is vital in creating a culture of wonder about the world, a wonder that will lead them to become lifelong learners.

A passionate learner himself, Jason recently took a ‘gap year’ from his own classroom to undertake full time postgraduate study in someone else’s at the University of Brighton, from where he was awarded the Degree of Master of Arts with Distinction in Creative Writing. His final dissertation explored the use of poetry as a method of protest, celebrating the importance of individuality in education on both sides of the teacher’s desk.

His return to full-time teaching was postponed last year due to the happy arrival of a baby boy - and a whole new level of learning! Jason now spends his time - between nappies - using his experience to help children in one-to-one sessions, fostering key skills and boosting their self-confidence, helping them to see themselves as mathematicians, writers - or whatever it is they want to be.

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