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DJ Greg

DJ Greg discovered a way of using a "Double Tape to Tape Deck" to mix his favourite cassette tapes in 1981 at the age of 9 years old. It was clear from an early age that music had a profound effect on Greg. As a dyslexic he struggled academically but was able to express himself creatively through music and would proudly play his music to any family gathering or birthday when given the opportunity.

These opportunities grew as he got older; DJing at house parties, hospital radio stations and student union nights and then, in the late 80's and 90's, music had another revolution and DJ Greg was ideally placed and well prepared for it. In 1991 he began to attract the attention of DJ agents and secured his first international gigs in Ibiza playing at clubs such as Space, Amnesia and many other clubs which were in their infancy at the time. On his return to London his music production career began and his DJ career continued to grow working with The Ministry of Sound, Limelight, Fantasia, Kiss FM, Touchdown FM and many others. The years that followed took DJ Greg to over 20 countries, performing in various bands live and working as a session DJ for artists including Kula Shaker, Oceanhead.

DJ Greg's Training School allows children to learn a new performance skill that they can be proud of. It blends technology and music into one exciting and fun experience. DJing promotes confidence, rhythm, interaction and multi-disciplinary skills they can share with their friends and family.

In DJ Greg’s workshops, you’ll learn all the techniques to become a top DJ on vinyl, CDs and digital formats using club standard equipment.

One to one lessons, workshops and groups sessions are available (including after-school clubs). Or why not book a party where you and your friends can DJ! Contact us to find out more about learning with DJ Greg.

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