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Diego Barraza, Film Making Tutor

In addition to many academic subjects, we are excited to be able to offer film making lessons with expert film-maker and cinematographer, Diego Barraza.

Diego has a long and successful background in film-making including many awards and collaborations. He also has experience of working with children and young people across the globe, from as far away as Ecuador to right here in Sussex.

Diego’s feature documentaries, short films, music promos and commercial work have aired internationally. His experimental film ‘Different trains, distant memories’, played alongside a live performance of the music of Steve Reich and his live film work toured the UK with The Modulus Quartet, and supported by the UK Arts Council.

In 2018, Diego was the winner of the Best Short Film Audience Award at the Tallahassee Film Festival. Prior to that, he was director of the Cadaqués Latin America Film Cycle and, in September 2011, Diego was invited by the United Nations Development Fund to deliver a new media workshop at the Young Indigenous Leaders of America Conference in Quito, Ecuador and by Cultural Survival International to teach Participatory Video to Mayan youth in Guatemala.

He also has much experience in still photography, such as collaborations with La Vanguardia newspaper, El Temps magazine, A-10 New European Architecture magazine, and many others. His photography work on the earthquake that struck El Salvador in 2001 was showcased in a book published by the Barcelona City Council.

Today, Diego focuses on teaching film-making to children and young people in Sussex, as well as running his own production company SaGuarda Studios Ltd.