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Caroline Wellen, French Tutor

A semi-native French teacher holding a PGCE with French specialism, Caroline has many years of experience teaching pupils from two years old to adult.  Caroline is enthusiastic about sharing her love for languages with others and likes to offer lessons which are fun and engaging, with pupils learning and progressing. As students learn in very different ways, each private lesson is personalised to the individual. Caroline's in-depth subject knowledge and specialist training enables her to provide varied activities for everyone; this includes learning a wide variety of topics and using the key skill areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing (as appropriate to age), as well as cultural aspects. Caroline has high expectations of every pupil and helps them do the best they can in each lesson.

Caroline was brought up in Sussex and spent her gap year in France. She studied French with International Studies at Warwick University, which included living and teaching in France for an academic year. She loved teaching in France so much that she returned for another year after completing her degree. On returning to Sussex she studied for an MA in Applied Linguistics at the same time as being a private tutor. Caroline lived and worked in Oxford as a translations co-ordinator but as her true passion was teaching she then undertook a PGCE which included teaching in a primary school in Paris.

Since completing her PGCE Caroline has taught in a variety of schools in Berkshire and Sussex. She currently volunteers in a local primary school and teaches French to little groups of children. She lives in Haywards Heath with her husband and young son, whom she is bringing up bilingually. Caroline is half-French and regularly visits her family in France.  

If you are interested in finding out more about learning French with Caroline, please get in touch using the form below or calling us on 07980 565632.

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