For sale: Highly Popular and Successful Messy Play Business and all its Resources

  • Looking for an up-and-running business you can get started with straight away?

  • Need a flexible working life that will fit around your other commitments?

  • Want a rewarding and fun career in your local area?

Here is a chance to take over a thriving messy play business in Sussex. It is perfect for a new part time business or as a platform to build on a create a large full time messy play session and party company. 

Discover & Be Ltd is selling the messy play sessions and parties and events aspect of its business. If you would like to discuss the opportunity further please call Sheila on 07980 565632 or email

The business consists of:

Three currently running and busy messy play sessions

  • Locations are Newick, Cuckfield and Haywards Heath

Detailed planning for both messy play sessions and parties

This includes:

  • short-term weekly and long-term plans for each theme

  • related music and stories

  • an overview of our bespoke early years curriculum

  • activity questions for each theme

  • plans for parties and pop up events, including an example of a bespoke party quote

Resources for all themes included in the planning

This includes:

  • resources, bagged by theme

  • Large resources such as tuff spots (for small worlds), a cargo net, mats, clear tubs and tunnel

  • A large selection of child friendly percussion instruments such as tambourines, drums, maracas and claves

  • Gross motor resources such as coloured spots, bean bags, parachute and hoops

  • Books

  • Original songs composed for sessions (hello / goodbye song / tidy-up song)

These resources are appropriate for both the sessions and parties. Inventory is available on request.

Administrative and financial information

This includes:

  • 2 years worth of accounts plus this year’s messy play ledger detailing income, outgoings, etc.

  • Contact details for existing venues

  • Contact details for local events that we have attended

  • Links with local parenting groups and networks

  • Booking form templates

  • Details for our Easter and Christmas events

  • Contact details for our suppliers including marketing support, SEO consultancy, graphic designer and photographer

Marketing support

This includes:

  • Three emails to our database of c375 local parents

  • Announcements in our newsletter (currently on a weekly basis)

  • Five announcement posts on our Facebook page (with over 1000 likes/followers).

  • Potential future support via our social media channels e.g. it is likely we could post about the sessions prior to each term starting. We are flexible on this point.

  • Images of messy play and parties (taken at our sessions, events and parties).

Due to GDPR and data protection, we are unable to hand over our database to you but we will seek to get consent from current attendees at sessions, and also ask email subscribers to join your list.

Web presence

We are offering two options:

  • Option 1  - We provide you with a messy play site (business name/logo of your choice) and we redirect the pages on the Discover & Be site to the relevant pages on this site.

  • Option 2 - If you already have a site or would like to build your own, we could redirect the Discover & Be messy play pages to your website.

Our site currently ranks well for a variety of messy play terms (Google ranking details available on request). This means you will not have to start your search engine optimisation (SEO) from scratch and, assuming your website is correctly set up, it could be ranking on page 1 of Google immediately.

Points to note:

  • The Discover & Be name, logo, branding and website, as a whole, is not part of the package.

  • There is the potential for more than the existing messy play sessions to be run. The current ones are simply suggestions and not set in stone. Similarly, although we run the sessions in term time only, there is the option to run them continuously.

  • Since opening, we have had a lot of requests for parties but, due to lack of time on our part, we have not been able to explore this area of the business as much as we would have liked.  There is great scope for promoting this and expanding the party and event aspect of the messy play business.

  • We will offer as much support and advice as we can, within reason, to get you up and running immediately.

  • We will also offer online support related to the day-to-day running of the business for up to six months.

  • There is the opportunity to see a session in practice before the 13th July although we do also have videos of our sessions which we would be happy to share with you.

If you are interested in discussing this opportunity further, please get in touch.