Brad Falconer

Brad worked in primary education for 13 years as a Class Teacher, Deputy Head and Headteacher. He taught in East Sussex schools and was Headteacher of a local village primary for 3 years. Originally from Croydon, Brad has lived in Sussex for 18 years and loves the outdoor country life.

He has taught all primary ages but specialised in Key Stage 2. As a class teacher Brad spent many years preparing Year 6 pupils for SATs and secondary school. His classroom ethos was always to make learning fun, creative and engaging; believing that children do best when learning is relevant and has context. This culminated in directing some amazing end of year performances where children performed versions of Glee, Shrek and Star Wars (to name a few).  He also worked on a transition project with the local secondary school to help improve transition and better prepare children for that big step to a new school and Year 7. Brad was also really lucky to teach in Ghana, West Africa for a few weeks. “A humbling experience where children were lucky to have one book and a pencil, but still turned up for school everyday with a huge smile! Their eagerness to learn was inspirational!”

As a Deputy Head, Brad developed an interest in working with children who found learning difficult, especially in maths and writing. He also supported schools across East Sussex to raise standards in teaching, learning and assessment.

As a Headteacher, Brad led an inclusive school with the ethos that all children can be successful learners with a positive mind-set. Children were also taught to be ‘learners for life’. In other words, they developed the ‘skills’ for learning that can never be forgotten and are essential in teenage years and adulthood too. Brad was passionate about delivering a creative curriculum where the arts, sport and outdoor learning were pivotal to children’s enjoyment of learning. Forest School arts and sports based days were a big part of the curriculum. In the academic year 2016/17 his school achieved SATs results in the top 10% of the country.

“I truly believe that all children can be great learners if they have self-belief, are engaged and have the ‘tools’ for learning. It is our job as educators to unlock this ability and help children to grow as people as well as be fantastic learners. This is what makes teaching so much fun”.     

Brad also has many interests away from education including: reading all types of fiction (including children’s books!), football, gardening, playing squash and upcycling furniture.

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