How Much Does Private Maths and English Tuition Cost?

....and what do you get for your money?

For anyone considering private English of Maths tuition for their children this is a big question and quite rightly so. Cost is a big factor for most people but so is value. By value we do not mean bang for your buck in the traditional sense. We are talking about what your child get's from the tuition in the long and short term. It is not simply about better performance at school it is about engagement, enjoyment and so much more. 

How Much Does Private Tuition Cost?

Well, in short there is no clear answer but our private academic tuition costs for children below year 9 is £38.50 for 1 hour. For older children it varies a lot more. However costs can differ greatly between tuition companies, private individual tutors and even parts of the country. While it is fair to say cost is important there are so many more factors involved that can make the cost a far less significant part of the decision. 

Differences in Private Tuition and Tutors

One of the really big things that parents and guardians need to consider is the type of tuition they think would work best for their child. By type we mean rigid traditional classroom style lessons or a more creative natural and bespoke approach. While these are two ends of a spectrum it is important to understand there are many stages in between. As a company we feel strongly about offering a service that is tailored to each child and their needs. These needs can be emotional and educational and it is critical to address the child as an individual because that is exactly what they are. Many tuition companies and private tutors are from a very rigid backgrounds and teach privately as they did in a classroom; often quite some years ago. While this approach may suit some it often doesn't work. 


When it comes to teaching children we feel it is very important to be qualified. However i many situations private tutors can be far from even adequately qualified. This becomes even more of an issue if the cost of tuition is equal or more than agencies offering fully qualified tutors. We have a number of parents who have felt let down by previous tutors because when finally asked they were not able to show any evidence of any qualifications. All our tutors are fully qualified and we feel this is very important.  

Teaching Locations

These can vary a great deal and it is important for parents to consider the best environment for their child to learn in. We feel it is important to mix things up from time to time and offer outdoor lessons and mini trips to put maths into practice for example. Learning in the same place all the time can be positive but it can be boring and it is a sign of the quality of the tuition if any sign of boredom is addressed. 

Value For Money

Whilst your child's tuition is perhaps not something to be reduced to simple value for money it is a factor. One of the areas of value we hear about a lot of reliability. Many of our existing pupils have come from other tutor agencies where they were having lessons cancelled with annoying regularity which is not only frustrating from an organisation point of view but it can also damage the flow of learning. We take this very seriously and make enormous efforts to maintain continuity even in terrible weather and around planning any tutor holidays etc.  

When considering what you get for your money one needs to think about the suitability of the tuition style, how reliable the tutor and company are and ultimately what the aims of the tuition are. It is often useful to consult with the child's school teacher if they are traditionally schooled to see if they have any input on areas where work is needed. 

Discover and Be

We firmly believe in providing a creative, bespoke and fun learning environment but that is not something on offer across the world of tuition and in some cases perhaps it it not what a child needs. When it comes to the cost of private tuition it is so important to find out what type of tuition an agency or private tutor offers before considering the price because ultimately a cheaper option could cost more in the long run because it failed to help the child.