Discover & Be at home: Supertato

We've read Supertato as part of our sessions before, and we thought we'd share some Supertato-related activities with you.

How about starting with using veggies for printing? This is a great way to use potatoes and carrots for mark-making.

This idea comes from MeriCherry and should be easy to try at home if you’ve got some potatoes lying around. You can be as creative as you like (or can manage!) when making the stamps so why not try different shapes which can help with learning to recognise triangles, squares, circles, etc. Plus you end up with some great artwork!

We do love our themed-play dough and no vegetables would be possible without mud, so here’s a recipe for mud dough from the appropriately named blog Sow Sprout Play.

Yes this is a messy one, so be prepared with old clothes! The sensory aspect is also most enticing!

This is another great sensory activity and an antidote to the muddy mess: veggie scrubbing.

Prekinders use a special sensory table but a washing-up bowl or accessible sink/bath would be just as good. It gives children the chance to explore the different shapes of vegetables and also understand where vegetables come from. Nowadays it can be tricky to find mud-covered vegetables so that may be your only challenge with this activity!

This activity is another one that can help children to understand the growing process behind vegetables:

Laughing Kids Learn show how us how to grow a carrot top, an activity which requires some short-term patience whilst the carrot sprouts. However, it’s great to see the changes each day and may even encourage vegetable-consumption in fussy eaters!

If you’ve got Lego/Duplo, or any other brick-building set, at home have a go at building your own fruit and veg.

These instructions come from Lego themselves and show what you can you create although it might be fun to try out some ideas of your own (especially if you’re limited by what bricks you have!).

If you enjoyed the story of Supertato, you may well be interested to know that there’s a sequel! Supertato Veggies Assemble is Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet's follow-up and is just as fun as the original. Check it out!

To contrast with the new story of Supertato we thought it would be nice to include a couple of classics: Jack and the Beanstalk and The Enormous Turnip - both stories you’ll probably remember from your childhood.

These versions are from Ladybird and feature bold, colourful illustrations, ideal for younger readers. They’re part of a series so if you have a particular favourite classic story, chances are you’ll find it here.

Have fun!