Getting messy with it: blogger mummy Lucy invites us to share the good, the bad and the downright messy musings of everyday life as a mum of 3 kids under 5.

Right, hello! My name is Lucy and I am a mum of three kids (and a scruffy dog), living in West Sussex. I am obviously many more things than that (a bit of a loudmouth, a total show off, a complete, obsessive bookworm, an over-user of superlatives and a lover of everything booze and biscuit related - either together or separately - not fussed). I am also someone that used to have a really cool, all-consuming job in London which I loved completely and gave up after a year of maternity leave with my first baby, having totally expected, when I left it nine months pregnant, to return to it, all guns blazing.

My gang now are Nancy (4), Maggie (4, but 28 in her years and very hairy), Sam (2 - he would want me to point out that he is very nearly 3) and Kit (9 months). They are all completely gorgeous and well behaved and hilarious when they are not filthy, running around like savages and beating the crap out of each other, pretty much like all kids the world over, but I have to say I am particularly partial to them.

When Nancy started going to nursery a couple of mornings a week, I was inevitably bereft. But Sam and I started going to a new messy play session in Cuckfield called Discover and Be, and we loved it! The first session we attended was dinosaur based and Sam just couldn’t believe the messy, interesting, fun stuff in front of him (just him! no Nancy!) PLUS there was a book he loved read out loud and singing at the end. We do quite a lot of crafty-type things at home, but every week there were always things that we had never done/he had never seen. Immediately it was his favourite thing and he (we) looked forward to it every week. We went regularly until he started nursery on Friday mornings himself, and during that time got to know Rhiannon and Sheila - both still two of Sam's heroes! I admire and believe in everything Discover and Be is about, so I was really pleased (and surprised!) when Rhiannon got in touch to ask if I would write a regular blog about the messy shenanigans I get up to with my little wolf-pack.

The purpose of this blog, I guess, is to share with you some of things we get up to, out and about and at home. We usually end up covered in mud, or dirt, or paint, or glitter, or all of the above and don’t generally achieve very much, but after four years of solid messing around, I have found quite a few cool things to do in our local area that new (and not so new) mums might enjoy reading about - and I am always keen to find out about new ones, too! Due to the geeky bookwormishness (not a word?!) mentioned earlier, I thought I might let you know what books (both library and our own - I am almost a shareholder at The Book People, who do amazing deals on kids books) we have been loving each week as I go along, too, and any recommendations from other readers will always be very welcome!