Getting messy with it: half-term joy, contented cooking, paint time and messy yoga




Half term is here! I am sure many of those with older kids look forward to this with a degree of trepidation but we are early enough in our school experience that I have been counting down the days until life returns to normal and my girl is my own again, even though it does require my participation in a great deal of high pressured colouring ("INSIDE THE LINES MUMMY"), listening to her singing all the songs from Trolls repeatedly, through a microphone, and answering questions such as "Why is space called space?"

It is a relief to be done with that first transitional half of term and, although life still has a Nancy-sized hole in it, it has been interesting and enjoyable changing the pace and direction of things with just the two boys at home. We do a lot more cooking, something Nancy was never particularly interested in, but that Sam loves and will actually see through to the end rather than tipping everything out on the counter, weighing a few ingredients, licking the spoon and wandering off. In an ode to the season, we knocked up a batch of pumpkin soup today (recipe from the BBC website - he cut up the pumpkin, onions, leek and smashed the garlic, stirred it, poured in the stock and the cream), and it was delicious. He loved the fact that the huge orange pumpkin was transformed in to the smooth soup, and devoured pints of it. I am hoping him to get him up to the stage where he can cook tea occasionally. I don’t know about anyone else, but minutes seem to pass until it is that time of day AGAIN where thoughts have to turn to what to make for tea. My kids are relatively unfussy but there are still important politics to be considered. Nancy's favourite things are rice, prawns and mozzarella cheese. Sam and Kit eat basically everything in the world except those three things (this CANNOT be a coincidence, surely?!).

Painting is also a passion and, whereas Nancy was always quite inspired by a project (hand print animals, fairy palaces with glitter etc), Sam is less inspired by Pinterest and paints (1) a snake wrapped round a whale (2) himself. Every time. In that order. I just put down a huge mat, open the paint for them, make a coffee, and sit back for 20 minutes, enjoying the fact that no one wants or needs me, until they suddenly don’t like being covered in paint and call to be carried like princes up to a bath that they immediately dye brown.

A few weekends ago we went to the Discover and Be/Wigglebums messy yoga event and absolutely LOVED it. I am not saying this just because I am obviously a big fan of all things Discover and Be/Sheila, but because it was a genuinely original event (which is quite a big shout after 5 years of baby-related-things) and completely refreshing and enjoyable as a result. The kids loved doing the yoga (Sam calls it Yoges, and is about as flexible as King Triton (niche Little Mermaid reference there; he is not at all flexible)), and then they got completely stuck in to the messy play stuff whilst I did an ACTUAL TWENTY MINUTES OF PROPER YOGA. Uninterrupted. And drank hot coffee. And then we all did some singing and went home. As we left, Nancy said, "Please can we go to all of these yoga parties mummy?" and the answer is definitely yes!

Brilliant news in our lives is the recent arrival on to the shelves of You Choose in Space by Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodhart. The original has actually had to be re-purchased in our house as the first was read so much that it literally fell apart so a new version has re-invigorated all of us and has loads of really crazy and cool choices to make. The space food and the mixed up animals in particular are opinion dividers! If you are a fan of the first, you will enjoy the second.

Autumnal question of the week from Sam: "Why are bonfires called bonfires instead of fires?" Answer: Thought to come from 'bone fires', where the Celts burnt animal bones to ward off evil spirits. You're welcome.