The Book Activist reviews Fabulous Pie by Gareth Edwards & Guy Parker Rees

 Age 2+

What’s cooking in the forest? It’s a fabulous pie! But what, or who, should go in it? One bad bear has a very wicked plan. But will the woodland animals outwit him?

Bear is cooking and invites the other woodland animals to help him make the most fabulous pie ever. Each adds their own favourite food to the pie, but little do they know that the bear is hoping for his own favourite fillings which the other animals will definitely not enjoy!

This is a great rhyming story which is sure to be a hit. Full of humour, which is brilliantly brought to life through the fantastic illustrations, you just know the bear’s dastardly plan won’t work. It wonderfully depicts how each animal is unique with their own tastes and favourite thing to eat.

Working together they all try and help the bear, who of course has other ideas about what tastes good. Children will love the animal friends and the delightful drawings bringing the forest to life.

The rhyming and repetition will encourage readers to join, making this a great book to read aloud. You can’t help but enjoy the naughty bear just a little bit, but only because he gets his ‘just desserts’ in the end! Thankfully the animals make an ingenious escape and their efforts at being helpful are rewarded. With such a wonderful cast of characters this lively and fun story is one that children will enjoy again and again!

Victoria Dilly
The Book Activist

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