The Book Activist Reviews Is there a dog in this book? by Viviane Schwarz

Age 3+

Tiny, Moonpie and Andre – three cats- think there might be a dog in this book! Will you lift the flaps and turn the pages to help them find it?

This is a great book to share with interactive lift-the-flaps and characters that speak to the reader!

Children will love the three cats who are scared of the dog they think is in their book. The cats are certain the dog will be mean to them, because, after all, dogs don’t like cats...or do they? The story unfolds with the cats hiding in all sorts of places, ‘speaking’ to the reader all the time and each flap revealing another surprise. Eventually the cats discover the dog is not as bad as they feared and is perhaps even a little bit afraid too. You’ll have to read it to find out if they all make friends!


‘Is there a dog in this book?’ is lovely story with a very subtle message about making new friends and not being frightened of the unknown. The illustrations are lively and colourful and the interactive elements brilliantly engage the reader. This is a perfect book to read aloud and children will love the characters and be encouraged to think how they can help everyone be friends. It’s full of humour and a perfect addition to Viviane Schwarz’s previous books, There are cats in this book and There are no cats in this book. It is no surprise this book has just won the Children’s Book Award 2016, Books for Younger Children category!

Victoria Dilly
The Book Activist