Discover and Be at home: make your own super squishy daffodil yellow slime!


You will need:

  • ALMAT NON-BIO super concentrated liquid wash (white) from Aldi

  • PVA glue (clear or white is fine)

  • Yellow food colouring



How to make it:


1. Add a few large blobs of PVA glue into a plastic container. 


2. Add half a cap full ALMAT liquid wash.   Stir in slowly with a spoon.  The mixture will start to thicken and congeal.  


3. Add a few drops of food colouring. We've chosen a daffodil yellow in honour of our Spring theme but you can use any colour you like. Mix again to make sure the colouring is spread evenly.

4. Add a few more drops of ALMAT (you shouldn’t need more than a cap full unless you want to make a bigger batch of slime and are using more PVA glue) and start to manipulate the mixture with your hands until it starts to take the form of one solid mass.  

5. Pull it and knead  a if it were dough! Leave to dry for a couple of minutes and then work the ‘dough’ again with your hands.  It should start to become smooth and stretchy. The mixture should no longer stick to your hands/surfaces and should bounce a little on the surface when you drop it.

6. Now your SLIME is ready to use! You can store your slime so that it’s ready to play with again tomorrow. Just wrap it in cling film and place in an airtight container.