SATs become less daunting with Discover and Be's booster session

The recent February half term saw Year Six children join Discover and Be for two sessions designed to prepare them for their forthcoming SATs. The children looked at English, Maths and other curriculum subjects in ways that are, perhaps, not used in school settings and encourage them to interact and enjoy the subjects.

One activity involved the children being asked to pick an area of maths that they weren't confident in so they could research it, help one another and ask us about this area. To build their confidence they created fab posters, complete with helpful information, colourful characters and facts.

They then presented them to the group, even setting each other challenges to answer questions about the information they shared! Hopefully 'time' isn't so 'terrible' anymore for a few of these DeeBees! 

Here are some of the children with their posters:

And who ever thought you'd hear a rap about long division?!