The Book Activist reviews Oi Dog! by Kes & Claire Gray and Jim Field

Age 2+

Frog is changing the rules... Dogs no longer sit on Frogs. Phew! Dogs now sit on logs – and everyone else is going to have to sit somewhere different too. Will cats want to sit on gnats? Will dragons like sitting on wagons? Will whales be happy to sit on nails? And, most importantly, where is frog going to sit?


Frog is fed up of being sat on by Dog. So he decides to change the rules. Not just for Dog, but for EVERYONE! So all the animals get someone or something new to sit on; from slugs to leopards, from crickets to whales, there’s a new rule for all. But what or who will Frog end up sitting on?!

‘Oi Dog!’ is the brilliant sequel to the equally brilliant ‘Oi Frog!’. Colourful and entertaining, it is a great story to read aloud, showing the wonder of rhyming words. You’ve got to love a tale that features ‘cheetahs on fajitas’ and ‘gnus on canoes’! The fantastically expressive illustrations capture the animals varying reactions to their new ‘seats’ perfectly; some surprised, some distinctly unimpressed and some very uncomfortable. Will pigs like sitting on wigs?! Will flies enjoy sitting on pies?! All the animals find themselves with new places to sit, amounting to a hilarious story that will have children in stitches.

Shortlisted for the Sainsbury’s Children’s Book Awards, ‘Oi Dog’ is deal for children learning to read, as well as those who are just discovering the magic of books. And grown-ups will enjoy it too!

Victoria Dilly
The Book Activist
November 2016

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