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All our sessions are pre-booked on a half termly basis. That means you get an excellent rate per class.

The next half term starts the week beginning the 16th April 2018 and lasts for 5 weeks. 

The term rate is £39 for children age 1 year and up. The rate for siblings and those aged 6-12 months is £27. To download a booking form click here.

You can book in person at a session (you can pick up a booking form in your session or download one here), over the telephone on 07472 521 161 (Rhiannon) or 07980 565 632 (Sheila), by sending us an email using the form below or by clicking on the PayPal button below (please add your child's/children's name(s)). 

If paying by PayPal or BACs, please email us to let us know.

Please note that your place is not secured until payment has been received.

Haywards Heath

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